Festive first pile JT Bioscoop Alkmaar - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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November 14, 2014

Festive first pile JT Bioscoop Alkmaar

Today, for the construction of a new movie theatre, the first pile was driven festively. Forces were combined as 8 men set the first pile in motion. This pile marks the official start; the real piling activities will begin early 2015.

Soon, visitors will be able to park underneath the movie theatre that includes an art house and a casino. The building fills up the entire parcel between Pettemerstraat and Zijperstraat and faces the city centre. Alongside the canal, an elevated terrace will be realized. Next to the movie theatre, room has been reserved for Podium Victorie so that on the parcel previously belonging to Vegro, a real entertainment area will arise.

New techniques

These days’ movie theatres are different from what they were like five years ago. Especially sound techniques have improved immensely so the flagship is the large 430-seat auditorium where the newest sound system Dolby Atmos will be used. This new innovation in movie theatre sound will give visitors an intense sound experience as a result of the many speakers that hang everywhere in the auditorium. For example, whenever it rains in the movie, the sound of the drips really comes from above.