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December 18, 2018

Combined project in Assendelft

We have driven the first pre-fabricated pile in a project for Bouwbedrijf van der Gragt at a site on the Nieuwe Noorderlaan in Assendelft. Vroom Betonbouw subsequently made 76 concrete foundation beams. We would like to thank van der Gragt for their trust in us, as we were also given the opportunity to work together with them on the earlier phases of the project.
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Kreekrijk, the most recent addition to Assendelft (Zaanstad) is close to the natural environment, yet only a few minutes by car or train to the welcoming town centre of Zaandam, or to Amsterdam, untouched villages, amazingly clean beaches and historic polder landscapes. The neighbourhood will be situated, generally speaking, between Busch en Dam, the N8 road/railway line, Saendelft (Parkrijk) and De Omzoom.

Energy-efficient and sustainable

The project will comprise around 950 new-build residences in various price categories: detached houses, plots of land, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and apartments. There will be hardly any high-rise building. Sustainability has an important role to play. This housing project will be built in a way that is both energy-efficient and sustainable.

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