VROOM ON SBS6 - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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October 12, 2011


Protests against the construction of windmills in Dalfsen could not keep Vroom Foundation Technology from being prominently in the spotlights on SBS on the TV show Hart van Nederland.

Haven’t seen it on TV? The video link will take you to the SBS website Programma Gemist and the item ‘Protest tegen windmolen’. After the commercials and the protesting residents, Vroom Foundation Technology is brought to the spotlights while producing foundation piles resulting into a solid and stable anchor for the windmills. Click here to see Vroom in action.

More windmills in The Netherlands

It is clear that more windmills will be built in The Netherlands. The government, suppliers and energy producers together give a new impulse, resulting from a Green Deal, to green power coming from outlets. The government holds the key as to for in what pace the preservation takes place, and takes optimal advantage of competition and the free market.

Green Deal

In the Green Deal, agreements have been made about how forms of green energy might develop themselves further in the upcoming years. The Deal escapes from trends from the past: in 2015, the government will make a final end to the financing of green energy that is now almost fully profitable.

From 2015, energy suppliers will be required by law to deliver a certain amount of green energy, and the green energy producers will be required to make sure the supplies are sufficient. ECN has calculated that additional costs that come with green energy will be reduced with at least 1 billion euros until 2020 as a result of this deal compared to the event where financial support would be continued.

More wind and biomass

For the time being, biomass and wind will be the most important forms of green energy in The Netherlands. For biomass, an increase of the amount that is fired in the coal plants is aimed.

For onshore wind, the focus lies on a faster license-granting process, and the search for new locations. For offshore wind, the energy sector believes more ambition than described in the Green Deal is necessary as well as possible. The permanent decision has been made that onshore wind plays an important rule in the approach of the TOP areas. In addition, space for a first pilot project within the current offshore wind areas will be considered.